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Beleza Blue Hammocks

Bringing the very best of authentic luxury Brazilian hammocks to your home!
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A lot of times in the good 'ol United States, we often think of hammocks as a luxury item. Swinging in a hammock is what people do when they are vacationing to some five-star resort in a tropical wonderland. The ideal lazy day would include happening upon an unoccupied hammock on the beach, where one can tip down their sun hat and take a nap. Or, maybe spread out a bit to catch up on a book while sipping from an ice-cold drink and enjoy a gentle breeze.  


Those who are avid multi-day hikers, backpackers or lightweight campers might even think of hammocks as a necessary alternative to larger and often less accommodating tents.  Even a few pounds and a little more space can make all the difference. All you need are two trees. 


However, in other parts of the world, hammocks are a normal part of everyday life. Often substituting mattresses and couches, hammocks provide space saving and portability advantages both indoors and outdoors. There are countless ways to conveniently hang the hammock which makes it the perfect escape after a long day after work or other daily cares.


They aren’t just for luxury getaways on tropical beaches, or to hang between trees while camping in the forests.


While they can be used for that too, people are often found swinging in hammocks while catching a show, swaying in the shade of their home for a well-deserved afternoon siesta, or straight up taking advantage of enjoying time with others, laughing and having fun in the front or back yard while enjoying the calming sensation of rocking back and forth!

Made in Brazil
What makes our hammocks different?


Rather than simply getting the same mass-produced “Brazilian Style” hammocks you can find at so many other stores, we’ve gone out of our way to find the high-quality hammocks made 100% in Brazil that offers superior comfort and quality. You know you’re getting the real thing.


Our hammocks include the traditional and intricate handcrafted features that you will only find from legitimate Brazilian artisans. From the eye at each end to the fringes along top, bottom and sides of the bed, special care it taken to ensure these hammocks are high quality and consistent according to generations of experience and expertise.


Not only are these hammocks truly the real deal, but they are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Learn more here!

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